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Glasses not only correct vision, but also provide eye protection and serve as a fashion statement. At Eye Care Greenwich in Greenwich, Connecticut, skilled optometrist Michele Levy, OD, FAAO, offers designer and custom-made frames to suit any style or need. To schedule a comprehensive eye exam and get your new pair of glasses, call the office or book an appointment online today.

Glasses Q & A

What types of frames for glasses are available?

Frames for glasses come in a wide range of shapes, colors, and sizes. When selecting a new pair of glasses, you may spend a lot of time looking at and trying on frames that suit your face and style. 

In addition to appearance, there are other factors you need to consider when selecting frames, such as:

Frame materials

Eyeglass frames are made from a wide variety of materials, including plastic, metal, polycarbonate, and titanium. The frame material best suited for you may depend on your lifestyle.

Polycarbonate frames are lightweight and durable, and make great material for safety glasses, while titanium may be the preferred frame material for people with skin allergies. 

Frame styles

Frames also come in a variety of styles to meet a wide range of needs. Frames vary in color, size, and shape. Eye Care Greenwich carries many designer frames and also offers custom-made frames to fit any style or need. 

Dr. Levy has glasses for people of all ages, including children. 

What should I know about lenses for glasses?

Like your frames, there are many lens options for your glasses. This includes lightweight lenses, photochromatic lenses (automatically darken in sunlight), and special lens coatings to block out harmful ultraviolet (UV) light.

Types of lenses and lens coating include:

  • Aspheric lenses 
  • High-index lenses
  • Polycarbonate lenses
  • Photochromatic lenses
  • Lenses with anti-reflective coating
  • Lenses with anti-fog coating

The type of lens and coating best suited for you depends on your lifestyle, vision needs, and personal preferences. 

How do I know what types of glasses I need?

Dr. Levy works one-on-one with you to help you find the right frames and lenses to suit your vision needs and lifestyle.

Before she makes any recommendations for your glasses, she first conducts a comprehensive eye exam. During your exam, she reviews your medical history and vision issues. 

She then performs various tests to assess eye health and check for vision problems, such as:

  • Visual acuity check
  • Assessment of eye muscle function
  • Check of depth perception
  • Retinoscopy to determine eyeglass prescription needs
  • Dilated retinal exam to screen for eye diseases 

Eye Care Greenwich is a state-of-the-art optometry practice and Dr. Levy uses the most advanced tools and techniques available to assess vision and eye health. 

Once Dr. Levy fully understands your eye health and vision needs, she can help you design a pair of glasses that best suits you. 

To schedule your eye exam and get your new set of glasses, call Eye Care Greenwich, or book an appointment online today.